Pick-Up & Return For

Increase retention, customer satisfaction scores, increase revenue and build trust.

Shyft is the best solution


Car servicing at your finger tips

Convenient & Easy

Service customers are offered Pick-up & Return as an option when scheduling service.

Customers Download App

Customers download the Shyftauto app to communicate with the dealership, respond to recommended services and pay.

Easy To Use Dealer Platform

Dealer platform to manage the program including services offered, prices, capacity, pick-up radius and dealership resources.

What other dealerships are saying

Brian W.

Service Director - Honda

Our customers love the pick-up and return service.  Better yet, our revenue is up 35% on vehicles that we pick-up and return and our customer service scores are through the roof.  Our dealership is now offering a more modern experience for our customers.


Jennifer L.

Fixed Operations Director - Volkswagen

After the first 7 months of offering pick-up and return with the ShyftAuto application, our retention is at an all-time high and our customers love the convenience we now provide.


Chris J.

General Manager - Kia

Overall the ShyftAuto application has allowed us to upsell more work because our customers aren’t waiting in the lobby.  Our customers are willing to pay more for convenience when their not waiting with their vehicles.  We send our salespeople out to pick-up customers vehicles for service and it works great.  


What you can expect